Rugsėjo 22d. 


1. 13:00 - 14:30
2. 14:45 - 16:15

Vieno SEMINARO kaina - 20 eur
Dviejų SEMINARŲ kaina - 30 eur

ANT studija
Lakūnų g. 24
B1 Įėjimas, 2 aukštas

Registracija ČIA.

Plačiau apie YOKER:

I started dance with hip hop freestyle and b-boying. 
I did that as a passion for 5 years when I decided to take this thing more seriously by doing one hip hop dance school in Paris for 2 years and another one for modern/jazz, ballet and contempory. 

After that i started my "professional career" with a lot of commercial work and performance on the french TV show, NRJ Music Awards, a video game called "Just dance", some french artist and also international one like Will I Am, David Guetta...

In paralel i never stopped battling with my crew Yudat in France and around the world. 
Some battles I won : 
Kulture of Hype & Hope in Hollande
Intelligent Movement in Italie - Torino 
Mastercup in China
Battlefield in Germany two times

I am also choreographer and my work can be seen on youtube and on my facebook page. 
Lately I was working on a program to help freestyle dancers that want to choreograph their dance.